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Speaking Broadly, Dana Cowin Podcast
Never Coasting: The Maritime Career of Merritt Carey

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For Merritt Carey, the general manager of Luke’s Lobster in Tenants Harbor, Maine, life-changing ideas just pop into her head. Like the time she was out jogging and realized she wanted to quit her job in publishing and become a sailor. Perhaps the more extraordinary thing is that she follows even her most outlandish instincts, which has lead to a fascinating life that includes being part of the first all-female crew competing on an America’s Cup boat. On this episode of Speaking Broadly, Carey talks about life on the water and off, and her hopes, dreams and plans for the working fisherman of Maine. Listen to the episode…

Northfield Mount Hermon Magazine
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Zest Magazine
Ensuring Tenants Harbor’s FutureScreen Shot 2018-09-19 at 1.25.30 PM

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When Merritt Carey was just 11, her father bought her a Boston Whaler.
 They putted across Tenants Harbor from their home to the wharf where Anne Miller ran the Cod End seafood market. “They had this idea for me to go around to the cruising sailboats visiting the harbor and sell cooked lobsters,” says Carey. Thus Merritt’s Delivery Service was established, a summer business benefitting Carey and the Miller family, owners of the wharf. “It was a pretty great gig,” Carey says, remembering those days happily.

George Carey and his family spent every summer in Tenants Harbor. Now Merritt Carey comes back to Tenants Harbor with her own family, the fifth generation to summer on the edge of Penobscot Bay. While the kids will be lobstering from their skiff, Carey will be busy running Luke’s Lobster on Millers’ Wharf.  Read More…

Maine Public Radio
What’s The Best Way To Prepare Lobster? We Asked The People Who Catch Them (video and article)

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Maine tourists or natives on a quest for lobster can find it in countless restaurants, grilled or baked, boiled or sautéed, whipped up into fancy gourmet dishes, or served humbly in the shell, alone on a plate.  But we wondered:  How do the people who catch those lobsters prefer to prepare and eat them?  We headed to the Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op to find out.  Read more…

Women Forbes
Day In The Life: How a Former Lawyer & America’s Cup Sailor Found Her Passion Lobster Fishing

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“Growing up the daughter of a college professor, Merritt Carey spent summers in the small fishing village of Tenants Harbor, Maine. After attending Brown University, she jumped aboard a sailboat headed to Antigua and wound up competing in the Whitbread Round the World Race (now the Volvo Ocean Race) on its second ever all-female team. After studying law in New Zealand, Carey returned home to finish her degree at University of Maine School of Law. A few years ago, upon learning that the family wharf she’d worked as a girl would be sold, she got together with a group of local fishermen to form the Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op…”  Read more 

Diversification of Millers’ Wharf breaths new life into Tenants Harbor

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“Family-owned Millers’ Wharf thrived over the past 40 years, then encountered rough waters five years ago, so much so that the four brothers who own it considered selling it last year. But big changes over the past year, including diversification with a new co-op and a Luke’s restaurant, have the wharf in Tenants Harbor going full speed ahead…” Read more.

St. George Dragon
New Scallop Aquaculture Co-op Aims to Diversify a Fishery while Keeping Profits ‘at the Shore’

“In 2016, fresh from her experience working to help set up the Tenants Harbor Fishermen’s Co-op, longtime seasonal St. George resident Merritt Carey got an idea for a new venture that had the potential to benefit local lobstermen even more. What about getting local fishermen involved in the emerging scallop aquaculture industry?”  Read More

Maine Public Radio
New Partnership Benefits Lobsterman, Restaurateur By Cutting Out 


A young restaurateur from Maine and a group of forward-thinking lobstermen have joined forces in Tenants Harbor to form an unusual partnership that is attracting attention in the fishing industry.

Luke Holden, of the Luke’s Lobster restaurant chain, is buying nearly every single lobster that the newly formed Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op can land. He has also built a wharf-side lobster shack at the co-op and has pledged to reinvest half of its profits back into the fisherman’s organization.  Read/Listen more