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Calendar Girl: One Month + 2 Decades + A Different Sea

Someone once told me that the older you get, the faster time goes by. And there is nothing like a calendar to make that apparent.  This month I was flattered (if a little embarrassed) to be “Miss May” for Luke’s Lobster Ladies Calendar.  It got me thinking about another time I was featured in a… Continue reading Calendar Girl: One Month + 2 Decades + A Different Sea

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Lobster Bakes, Islands & Summertime

Few things are as emblematic of summer in Maine as a lobster bake.  Along our rocky shoreline all summer long this tradition plays out: the gathering of friends and family; last minute runs for ice; children scampering about sneaking cookies, playing tag, the lobster, purchased at a local wharf, sometimes directly from a fisherman, ready… Continue reading Lobster Bakes, Islands & Summertime